BLUEprints Of The Heart

University Art Gallery, Department of Art and Design, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA

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40 x 40 FT. Dimensions variable. Site-specific Installation. Mixed-Media: paper, charcoal, glitter, blue tape, insulation material and digital prints. This piece is an exploration of the performative and architectural dimension of drawing. Using the entire gallery as my page, I created an installation using a variety of drawing and construction materials, which, interlaced together, form an architectural space of intimacy. BLUEprints Of The Heart is a performance as well as a drawing, and consists of the creation of a network of drawings, paper cut-outs, and stenciled forms that connect with one another in physical and philosophical ways. The piece originated as a performance in which the drawings are subjected to continuous additions and subtractions, including photographs of myself interacting with the drawing. This piece functions as an expression of different emotions associated with the heart and constitutes a blueprint of this shared intimate space. This work embodies the idea of transformation and it has no beginning and no end.