Isn’t It You…, Pressing Against My Lips?

Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York City, NY

3 x 7 x 2 FT. Installation/Audience Interactive. Mixed media: cupcakes and frosting, red velvet, frosted vinyl text on Plexiglas. LCD digital frame, wood.  Elizabeth Foundation For The Arts, NYC.  The installation consists of the casting of a love poem as cupcakes with frosting.  The words that compose the love poem are available for consumption by members of the audience during the opening reception.  The cupcakes were prepared by a well-known local baker Ann Warren, owner of the Cupcake CafĂ©.  The poem reads: “When Spoken, Missed/When Found, Kissed/When Bound, Blissed/And/Isn’t It/You/Pressing Against/My Lips “.  Two writers, Adam Spiridilozzi and Juan Velasco, contributed the lines for the poem.  The poem, set to function as an open-ended text, can be rearranged and will continue to grow with future editions.