Desde Las Entrañas (From The Entrails), 1999

Artist Book

The book is a hybrid form between a hairy animal and a woman’s corset. Inside it is an accordion-shaped book containing poetic notes and research about the piece tierra de nadie, relating the intricate relationships between the Guaraní, the Spaniards, and their women during the colonization period. One of the stories that informs this piece is that the Guaraní, to insure peace, gave their sisters and daughters away in marriage to the Spaniards. It is known that the indigenous women were fascinated by the hairy bodies of the westerners, which they hadn't experienced before. The piece embodies the fascination and repulsion of the animal, the sexual, the Other. 

Mixed media: wood, red satin fabric, bronze-cast nipples, human hair, dye-sublimation digital prints.

Dimensions: 16.5 H x 17 W x 9 D IN (closed)

Photo credit: Brian Hawkins and Juan Castaño-Márquez