That Which Holds Promise, 2003

Butler County Community College, El Dorado, KS

Participatory Installation: the exhibition is composed of audience-participatory works surrounding the notion of wish making. The central element is a video projection of glimmering water projected onto the floor which suggests a Wishing Well. Floating in the water, a woman appears, who seems to be the Keeper of the Wishing Well. Surrounding the well are hundreds of clay pieces shaped in various forms: dear objects, animals, a letter, or an abstract shape; the forms have resulted from viewers' participation when asked to make a wish with fresh clay and leave it on the well.  Another station provides viewers with a piece of gold leafed paper to write a wish, roll it and insert it into an existing hole in the carpeted gallery walls. 

Participatory Site-specific Installation. Multiple Media: video projection on floor, white earthenware, gold leafed paper, marker to write, hair, carpeted walls bumps.

Dimensions Variable, room size. 

Visitor writing a wish onto a piece of gold leafed paper (left); wish inserted into an existing hole in the carpeted wall (right).

Cara and Cabezas Contemporary, Kansas City, MO

Earth: Language and Symbols, curated by Darin White

Photo credit: Darin White