A Confirmation And Discovery Of Witchcraft, 1994.

A Confirmation And Discovery Of Witchcraft is an homage to witches and their wisdom and to their power to combine magic, mystery and wisdom. The box is smoked; the top of the lid shows a young witch casting a love spell. Inside the box are burned matches, inscribed with the names of real women who were burned because of witchcraft accusations. In the mirror is a scroll, in the shape of an uterus where oral language reads: ‘ar yu squerd of mai tiars an mai blod?'

This box is part of a larger exhibition Women Beyond Borders which began as a conversation among women artists in Santa Barbara in 1991. Founder and artist, Lorraine Serena, and Elena Siff summoned up artists and art professionals to generate ideas to connect women artists and forge understanding and collaboration among women worldwide. As one of the founding members, it has been fascinating to see this project grow and generate workshops, panels, and countless exhibitions about women in the arts. For full information about this project, please visit womenbeyondborders.org

Mixed media: wooden box, smoke, mirror, matches, transferred text, transferred photo-image.

Dimensions: 3.5 L x 2.5 W x 2 D  IN


Women Beyond Borders

Opening Exhibition, Curated by Nancy Doll, Director, former Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara, CA
November 4 – December 23, 1995