Los Labios De Teresa (Teresa's Lips), 2002

Sala Augusto Schiavoni, Centro Cultural Bernardino Rivadavia, Rosario, Argentina. 

The piece is inspired by my research about Spanish Mystic Santa Teresa De Ávila, and the deep connection that she felt with the prostitute Mary Magdalene, as stated in her autobiographical writings.

Inspired by the highly erotic nun’s devotional writings, I used two photographs of my hands to symbolize both prayer and female genitalia. The photographs were back to back, placed in the exterior façade and the interior gallery space, simultaneously public and private. Inside the space, there is hand-made paper with human hair in it, lining the central column.


Mixed media: two photographs, red satin fabric, hand-made paper with human hair, text incised onto walls.

Dimensions: 7.7H x 6W x 33D FT.

Photo credit: Sky Bergman (hands) / Miguel Rocca (location)


Eppink Art Gallery, King Hall, Emporia State University, Emporia, KS

Photo credit: Larry Schwarm