Stop Look Listen, 2007-08

Spencer Museum of Art, Lawrence, KS

Commissioned by the Spencer Museum of Art, artists Velasco and Davidson-Hues have created an unusual “way-finding system” for the museum. Inspired by images from the SMA collection and common traffic signage, their works outside the museum announce “Warning: Art Approaching,” while MP3 audio tours inside offer offbeat looks at the collection, encouraging visitors to slow down and, as the title suggests, stop, look, and listen.

Find full project at The Spencer Museum Exhibitions Archive and the essay by Dr. Susan Earle's, Curator of European and American Art at the SMA, in the exhibition brochure.

This project is co-sponsored by the KU School of the Arts, Department of Visual Art, and KU Parking & Transit.

Find the press release here.

Mixed Media: yellow and black vinyl warning signs on aluminum, metal posts concrete bases.

Dimensions: 24 W x 24 L x 72 H IN. 


Photo credit: Robert Hickerson


Wendell Castle, Hanging in the Balance, 2002


Paul Manship, Salome, circa 1915


Samuel Bell Waugh, Mrs. Stiles and Grandchild, 1844.


Benjamin West, The Inspiration of The Prophet Isaiah, 1782.


Jan Borman, Saint George Baptizing the Pagan King and His Daughter, early 1500s


Juan de Ancheta, Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, circa 1578–1584. 


Amitābha, circa 1400s, Muromachi period (1338–1573)


The piece Stop, Look, Listen is made up of signage and audio tours that connect the outdoor public space with the collection inside. The outdoor component is a set of yellow warning signs that unexpectedly greet viewers in the museum’s parking lot, while mirroring actual pieces in the collection. Each piece has a unique audio piece created with community participation. Ultimately, the work challenges the assumption of the museum as the single authoritative voice when it comes down to interpreting works of art. You can read more about this project in the Dialogue With The Director.

Complete List of Audio Tours and Abbreviated List of Participants.