Isn't It You..., Pressing Against My Lips, 2008

Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York City, NY

This participatory Installation mirrors the idea of communion in a secular way. Here I cast a love poem in edible materials such as chocolate, popsicles, and cupcakes. Viewers are invited to literally feast upon the work, wavering between desire and transgression.

This project originated during a residency at Sculpture Space, in Utica, NY where I worked with chocolatier Earl Harris, owner of Marbazon Pastries in Utica.

The poem was the result of my collaboration with two writers: Adam Spiridilozzi and Juan Velasco. The lines read: “When Spoken, Missed // When Found, Kissed // When Bound, Blissed // And/Isn’t It / You / Pressing Against / My Lips .“

On a second iteration, the project was exhibited at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts. This piece has the potential to grow with new additions, audiences and communities. I contacted a local baker, Ann Warren, owner of The Cupcake Café who graciously accepted my invitation to create cupcake-words.

Curated by Christa Erickson and Patterson Sims. Find the Press Release here.

In Residence: Recent Projects from Sculpture Space, curated by Christa Erickson and Patterson Sims

read curatorial statement here

genral view-web-sm.jpg

Participatory Installation. Multiple Media: cupcakes and frosting, red velvet, frosted vinyl text on Plexiglas, LCD digital frame, wood.

Dimensions: 7 L x 2 W x 3 H FT.

cupcakes view-sm.jpg

Anne Warren, owner of The Cupcake Café (NY, NY) , applying frosting with María Velasco at the exhibition opening.

Open Studio at Sculpture Space Residency, Utica, NY

First edition of the poem, cast in chocolate by chocolatier Earl Harris, owner of Marbazon Pastries, Utica, NY


Another iteration where the poem is cast as popsicles and preserved in an industrial freezer, awaiting their consumption.


Happy Uticans enjoying a summer popsicle.


Work in progress.